Dhammachakra Pravartan Din 2019 Date: Know History And Significance of This Dussehra Day When Dr BR ...

To commemorate Dhammachakra Pravartan Din, thousands of Neo-Buddhists and Dalits gather at Deekshabhoomi, a sacred monument of Navayana Buddhism where Dr BR Abmedkar converted to Buddhism. The mass conversion led by Ambedkar at one ...

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

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63rd Dhammachakra Pravartan Din to be celebrated today in Nagpur

In Maharashtra, 63rd Dhammachakra Pravartan Din will be celebrated today at Deekshabhoomi in Nagpur. Buddhist followers from the different parts of the country and abroad are reaching at the venue to pay homage to the Architect of Indian Constitution Dr.
Tuesday, October 8, 2019