At colorful gala, physicians urge colleagues nationwide to attend AAPI’s 41st Annual  Convention

At the March 3, 2023 gala to launch the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) 41st Annual Convention, India’s Consul General Randhir Jaiswal is seen here with AAPI President Dr. Ravi Kolli, Bollywood star Bhagyashree, Dr. Sudhir Parikh and others, at Royal Albert’s Palace, Fords, NJ. Photo: ITV Gold

On March 3, 2023, the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin, AAPI, held a gala to spotlight its 41st Annual Convention scheduled for July 6-10 this year in Philadelphia.

The event was held at Royal Albert’s Palace, Fords, New Jersey, with star power and distinguished guests, including actress Bhagyashree from Bollywood, and India’s Consul General in New York.

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivering a video message to the AAPI gala event at Royal Albert’s Palace, Fords, NJ, March 3, 2023. Photo: ITV Gold

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the packed gathering in a video message congratulating and praising Indian American physicians for their work during the pandemic, including some making the ‘ultimate sacrifice.’ He said India needed such people and that the Government was trying to bring healthcare to every village. They made India shine, he said, and urged them to continue their good works.

India’s Consul General Randhir Jaiswal, addressing the AAPI gathering March 3, 2023, at Royal Albert’s Palace, NJ, at the gala to launch the 41st Annual Convention of AAPI scheduled for July 6-9. Photo: ITV Gold

The former Governor of Pennsylvania Tom Wolf also addressed the gathering through video, thanking AAPI for its work and for choosing Philadelphia as the location for the Convention.

Former Governor of Pennsylvania delivering video message to AAPI gala March 3, 2023, in New Jersey. Photo: ITV Gold
AAPI Past President Dr. Gautam Samadder, speaking on microphone, with Dr. Krishan Kumar, at AAPI gala March 3, 2023, to launch 41st Annual Convention scheduled for July. Photo: ITV Gold

The ‘Red Carpet Dinner Gala’ featured a fabulous fashion show, live music and other cultural attractions such as traditional and fusion dances, especially by youth.

Speeches were given by special guests including Consul General Jaiswal, President of AAPI Dr. Ravi Kolli, and other executive team members of the organization.

All of them also spoke to Parikh Worldwide Media/ITV Gold about the exciting programs planned for the Annual Convention, and urged everyone to attend and make it a success.

AAPI National Convenor Dr. Sanjay Gupta, speaking to ITV Gold at the March 3, 2023 gala, about the upcoming July 41st Annual Convention. Others in the photo include Dr. Sudhir Parikh, Consul General of India in New York Randhir Jaiswal, incoming President of AAPI Dr. Anjana Samadder, and Treasurer Dr. Sumul Rawal. Photo: ITV Gold

Dr. Kolli said the Convention would be the best in the history of AAPI and thanked the team led by National Convenor Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Kavita Gupta. “Our focus will be on ‘mind, body, and spirit,’” Dr. Kolli said, with special attention to mental health, removing the stigma, and access to care, artificial intelligence, lifestyle medicine, in other words, “a very comprehensive and very eclectic” program, including health, wellness, lots of cultural programs and the usual high quality Continuing Medical Education seminars.

Bollywood star Bhagyashree speaking to ITV Gold at the March 3, 2023, AAPI gala in New Jersey. Photo: ITV Gold

Parikh Worldwide Media/ITV Gold Chairman Dr. Sudhir Parikh, a senior advisor to AAPI, praised the hardworking team, and offered all help possible to make the Philadelphia Convention a success. “AAPI has come a long way – from fighting discrimination, to helping India-U.S. relations and engaging in philanthropy,” Dr. Parikh said. “You can always count on me and my media group,” he added. He also thanked Bhagyeshree for her support.

Bhagyeshree thanked AAPI for inviting her and praised Indian American physicians for their achievements. She told ITV Gold, “After God come physicians … they save lives.

Consul General Jaiswal praised AAPI’s work, and highlighted India’s latest campaign on making the food grain millet, a global superfood – “for our health and the health of the planet” because it consumes less water and contains essential nutrients.

Dr. Krishan Kumar called it a proud mement and welcomed  everyone to the ‘phenomenal’ Convention being planned for Philadelphia.

Dr. Anjana Samadder, incoming president of AAPI in July, encouraged everyone to attend. “I am excited to be here for this kickoff event. We have a great year ahead of us,” she said.

Dr. Gautam Samadder said it was great to see all the past and upcoming leaders at the event. He also noted that the 2024 Annual Convention of AAPI would be held in New York.

Dr. Sumul Rawal, treasurer of AAPI, said the upcoming Convention “will have excellent events,” and urged people to attend.

Dr. Kavita Gupta pointed to the short trip to Philadelphia from New York and that there would be so many “very distinguished” doctors would be at the Convention.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta noted that AAPI was the largest organization of physicians after the American Medical Association. “We treat one of seven Americans; our doctors are spread in every corner, and that is our strength,” Dr. Sanjay Gupta said. Philadelphia was a historic place to hold the Convention because it had the first hospital in America back in 1751, the first medical school in 1752. “We want to put the best Convention forward.” He thanked Consul General Jaiswal and his team.

Dr. Pradip Shah, President of AAPI-NJ speaking to ITV Gold at the March 3, 2023, gala in New Jersey. Photo: courtesy ITV Gold

Dr. Pradip Shah of AAPI-NJ, asked all to go to the website to get the details about the Convention and invited everyone “to come and enjoy.”


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