Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen’s daughter Ziana diagnosed with hand-foot-mouth disease; netizens praise actress for handling the situation all alone [View Reactions]

Popular TV actress Charu Asopa who gained a lot of popularity with her role in Mere Angne Mein has been in news for her troubled marriage with Sushmita Sen’s brother Rajeev Sen for some time now. Charu who is a social media avid, recently revealed that her daughter Ziana was diagnosed with hand-foot-mouth disease. In her recent vlog, she revealed that her daughter Ziana had been crying profusely for the past few days. She said that even doctors could not understand the problem. Charu got worried for her little one as she was alone to look after her.

In Charu’s vlog, she shared that after consulting a doctor over the phone, she gave medicines to Ziana for her stomach pain to reduce. The medicines made Ziana sleep for two hours and post waking up she was crying non-stop. Charu took Ziana to the hospital at 2:30 AM and doctors could not understand the issue. Later, Charu observed that Ziana had slight blisters on her feet, face and mouth. She clicked pictures and shared them with her family doctor who said that Ziana is suffering from the hand-foot-mouth disease.

Charu revealed that the doctor informed her that the first three days shall be worrisome, but the blisters would deflate within 7-10 days. Charu revealed that she had a breakdown as she was all alone and is carrying out the responsibility of being a parent. She even gave out a loud and clear message to all the new moms and said that they should not let anything break their spirit. Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen are one of the trending entertainment news. Have a look at her vlog –

On the personal front, Charu took the legal issue against her husband Rajeev and also filed for a divorce. She even accused her husband of not being there for the family while Rajeev slammed her for hiding about her first marriage from him. Rajeev said that Charu played the victim card.

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