Best Convertible for 2022

Best Convertible for 2022
I 100% stand by my belief that convertibles make excellent cars. They’re stylish, irresistibly fun to drive and it’s a shame that they’re not more popular. The Mazda Miata that I drive continually surprises me with how much it has to offer with its tiny package and nonfixed roof.

These drop-top machines are fun, often boast zippy powertrains and are just plain different compared to your average car. Yes, sometimes they leak when you go through the car wash and keeping a soft top clean is a major pain, but that’s all a small price to pay for the eternal grin I have on my face whenever I get behind the wheel of a drop-top.

With all of that said, I’ve assembled a list of the best convertibles available today. Take a read and check out some of the tips I’ve got for dealing with owning a convertible daily driver afterward.

Craig Cole/Roadshow
2022 Mazda MX-5 Miata
Best convertible overall
MAY 2022
There is a reason why the answer is always Miata. The Mazda MX-5 Miata is the quintessential convertible: small, rear-wheel drive and room for two. The latest Miatas are available with a soft top or in the gorgeous RF trim with a targa top. To take down the soft top, simply undo one central latch and push the top back. To lower the RF, the car must be moving no faster than six miles per hour and takes 13 seconds.

The 2.0-liter I4 engine pushes out 181 horsepower and 151 pound-feet of torque and yes, you can get it with a six-speed manual transmission. It’s not the quickest thing in a straight line but when the road turns twisty you can embarrass much more powerful cars with its brilliant handling.

The best part? They start at $28,665 including $1,015 for destination, while the most expensive RF can be had for right around $39,000. Read our 2022 Mazda MX-5 Miata review.

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2022 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible
Best convertible for the money
If you want to talk about value for money, it’s all about the Chevrolet Corvette. This mid-engine bad boy starts at $69,595 including $1,295 for destination, but it gives six-figure supercars a run for their money. The power retractable hard top can be lowered in 13 seconds at speeds up to 30 miles-per-hour.

A 6.2-liter V8 pushes out 490 horsepower and 465 pound-feet of torque. You can add the $7,540 Z51 Performance Package to add 5 points on each of those numbers, a limited-slip differential, sport suspension, Brembo brakes and sticky summer tires, all of which work to compel the ‘Vette from 0-60 mph in under three seconds.

Take that, Ferrari.

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2022 BMW 8 Series Convertible
Best luxury convertible
The BMW 8 Series Convertible can be had in 840i or M850i xDrive trims, or those who want to go bonkers can get the full-on M8 Competition convertible. I like the middle M850i for its blend of power and luxury and the addition of all-wheel drive. Here you get all the Merino leather you could ever want, plus the option of wood, piano black or carbon fiber interior trim. Heated seats, armrests and steering wheel are here, as are ventilated seats and the option of a neck warmer which you should 100% spring for.

You can opt for a 1,375-watt Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System as well as plenty of super-techie driver’s aids like a backup assistant that can trace the car’s reverse path for getting out of tight parking situations.

A 4.4-liter twin turbo V8 engine is good for 523 horsepower 553 pound-feet of torque in the M850i and the multilayer fabric soft top can lower in 15 seconds at speeds up to 30 mph. All this German goodness doesn’t come cheap. Expect to pay $100,895 including $995 for destination just to get a bare-bones M850i.

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2022 Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible
Best ultraluxury convertible
When it comes to drop-down luxury it tough to beat a Bentley Continental. Add the Speed moniker and you have a coach-built convertible of your dreams.

The Conti GT Convertible Speed features a retuned version of the twin-turbocharged W12 engine, producing a frankly silly 650 horsepower and 664 pound-feet of torque. That power is sent through a sophisticated all-wheel drive system to help the Continental reach 60 mph in just 3.6 seconds and travel on to a top speed of 208 mph.

The roof is still able to be opened or closed in just 19 seconds and is available in seven colors, including tweed. You’ll get a wide range of exterior paint options, and 15 main hide and 11 secondary hide choices for the interior. Speaking of, you’ll get embroidered headrests, Speed badging, heated and cooled everything and your choice of wood or piano black trim that is just downright gorgeous.

As for the price? Well, the answer is, “If you have to ask, you can’t afford it,” but I’ll tell you anyways. Expect to pay $313,825 including $2,725 for destination. Read our 2020 Bentley Continental GT Convertible preview.

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2022 Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible offers huge speed and epic luxury
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2022 Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet
Best performance convertible
To get the best performance out of a convertible, look no further than the Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet. A 3.8-liter twin-turbo six-cylinder engine is good for 640 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque with an eight-speed PDK transmission, motivating the 3,800-pound convertible. Top speed is 205 mph, it can scoot to 60 mph in just 2.7 seconds and cover the quarter-mile in 10.6 seconds. Oh, and the soft top is pretty quick, too. You can lower it in 12 seconds at speeds of up to 31 mph.

All-wheel drive keeps this thing from oversteering too hard through the twisties while grip is provided by Pirelli NA 255/35 tires on 20-inch wheels in the front and massive 315/30 on 21s in the rear.

The Porsche is pricey, though. Look to pay $221,150 to start, including $1,350 for destination and a $1,000 gas guzzler tax.

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